We at Holistic Care for Women are Licensed Clinical Professional Counselors and Certified Coaches. Our mission is for you to feel empowered to manage your life. Our specialties include treating individuals with anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder using a variety of different therapies, such as Cognitive behavioral (“CBT”), acceptance and commitment therapy (“ACT”), solution focused brief (“SFBT”), Music therapy (MT), and mindfulness based (“MBCT”).

In addition to individual counseling, we also offer marital and family counseling to address family conflict and to begin mending the relationships that are important to you in a safe and non-judgmental environment. Our anxiety and bipolar groups are here to provide you with additional support and encouragement and to alleviate your feeling of loneliness.

As we work together, we won’t simply treat your symptoms; rather, we will get to the root cause of them in order to heal your whole person …mind, body and emotion. Once you’re managing your symptoms in a healthy manner, we’ll focus on setting goals that reflect your values so that you’re not just living a status quo life, but a fulfilling one!

You really are stronger than you think.  We are just here to help you tap into the strength you already possess and to stay by your side until you do so.


Music Therapy

Music is universal and holistic. Whether you are listening to music or making music, it has the power to move you emotionally, physically even spirituality.  Music is therapeutic and easily accessible to everyone with no musical experience required. As a form of therapy, music can promote great self-awareness and help you make progress towards sustainable change in your life.   Come embrace your life through music with the guidance of our board certified music therapist.

Individual Counseling

Does it take everything you’ve got to get out of bed every morning? Do you feel like a prisoner in your own body, paralyzed by thoughts of not being smart enough, successful enough, or just plain good enough? Is your mind constantly racing, and you are lashing out at those you love?  We will explore every dimension of you as a person and tailor a treatment plan specifically for you and what you want out of therapy. Let us go beyond treating your mind and explore your physical, emotional, and spiritual sides as well, because a multi-dimensional person needs more than a one-dimensional treatment. Learn symptom-management and cognitive behavioral techniques to regain control of your life.

Group Counseling

Feel less isolated and get encouraged from others who are coping with the same issues as you. Deep down, you know that your family and friends are on your side, but it doesn’t always feel like it. They mean well. But sometimes they don’t understand how your symptoms work, which has you feeling like an outsider not just among friends, but often within your own household. You may even feel stuck, but you are certainly not alone. So, it’s time to stop feeling like you are. Join one of our therapy groups  where others who feel similarly will celebrate with you when you make strides, show understanding when you have setbacks, and offer up strategies that have worked for them in managing their own lives.

Family Counseling

Is family conflict tearing apart the people you love? Do you constantly fight, argue, and bicker with your co-parent regarding the proper way to raise your children? Is a child’s difficult behavior creating chaos for everyone in your household? Do you feel forced to choose between being a friend or authority figure to your teenage children? Has a recent divorce made it difficult to create a co-parenting plan with your ex? Do you long for a peaceful, harmonious household in which everyone gets along, but fear your situation is beyond repair? Unity is the hallmark of having a successful family. Through family counseling you can learn ways to reduce stress and conflict by improving how to communicate and respond to your family members.

Couples/Marriage Counseling

Do you feel stuck in negative patterns in your relationship or marriage? Are conflicts between you and your partner growing increasingly hostile? Do you and your partner have fundamental differences of opinion regarding things like parenting, finances and the in-laws? Do you often feel hurt, belittled and ashamed in your relationship? Do you fear that you might have chosen the wrong partner? Do you long to rekindle love, admiration and mutual respect in your relationship or marriage, but fear that it’s too late to repair the bond between you and your partner?

When you’re struggling in your relationship, you may feel lonely, confused and misunderstood. The mere fact that conflict exists in your relationship is not a cause for concern. However, what can determine the overall health of your relationship is how you choose to manage conflict. Thankfully, through couples and marriage counseling we can provide you with the tools you need to better manage conflict and make your disagreements more productive.


Learn techniques to regain control of your life.


Gain more confidence when you join us in a group session!


Learn ways to resolve conflicts. Join us in a family session.


Let us help you with any relationship conflicts you may have!



  • You’re stronger than you think.You just need some help bringing your strength to the surface.
    Only then can you begin living the life you’ve been longing for deep down in the depths of your soul.

  • If you’ve been reeling from… Symptoms you can no longer cope with; Relationships that are no longer working; you don’t have to go through it alone!

Meet our team of friendly professionals. We are here to help you with an amazing healing process.

  • Shirley Horsley | Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor | CEO

    Shirley Horsley | Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor | CEO
    As a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and Life Coach, I help women heal from the inside out and regain control of their lives. Having spent over a decade professionally counseling individuals, spouses and families, I recognize that women are the nucleus of family systems. They are the primary one in the family that work to ensure everybody needs are met while neglecting theirs. I have come to understand the value of treating the whole person. I’m steadfast in the belief that people are multidimensional and require more than a one-dimensional treatment. Recognizing that there is more to life than symptom management, I further work to empower women by helping them restore their relationships and reach their goals so they are constantly moving forward rather than solely dwelling on the past.
  • Kate Taylor | Board Certified Music Therapist | Social Media Manager

    Kate Taylor | Board Certified Music Therapist | Social Media Manager
    As a board certified music therapist, my mission is to help you embrace music as part of your lifelong wellness journey. I hold a Master of Arts in Music Therapy and have 20 years of experience in schools, hospitals and private practice. My specialties include music supported imagery for self-awareness; music assisted relaxation for anxiety or stress reduction; neurologic music methods for rehabilitation; and developmental music therapy for communication while building life skills for people of all ages and abilities. As a trained birth doula, I also offer music therapy for families during the childbearing years who face fertility challenges, pregnancy loss, birth trauma, postpartum needs and early parenting adjustments. I enjoy working in a resource oriented framework so that music can become a useful tool for you even outside of music therapy sessions perhaps daily as you strive for balance and happiness.
  • Sherry Green | Licensed Professional Counselor | Operations Manager

    Sherry Green | Licensed Professional Counselor | Operations Manager
    As a Forensic Psychology Masters-level graduate, I am dedicated to helping YOU achieve a meaningful and impactful therapeutic transformation, to reach and realize your inherent potential and highest goals. My approach is humanistic-based, with behavioral, cognitive, and insight-oriented interventions. My goal is to establish a connection, a partnership with my client by addressing those aspects of life which present formidable obstacles, and/or repress growth. I do this through interventions that respect the client and help empower them through difficulties at home/work/with significant others while modifying target behaviors and thoughts. I have 15 years of experience delivering counseling services to adolescents and adults. I provide evidenced-based groups and individual treatments for men and women and those who are court appointed, mentally ill, criminally challenged, and with co-occurring disorders.
  • Anna Froustis | Licensed Professional Counselor | Compliance Manager

    Anna Froustis | Licensed Professional Counselor | Compliance Manager
    As a professional counselor, I have experience in working with adolescents, adults and couples. I approach counseling from a very person-centered approach and believe in starting where you are, with what you have and finishing with what you want. Being able to learn coping skills and practical tools will help you move forward to what you want. Make the commitment to move forward in spite of the challenges and the difficulties that you will encounter.

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